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Providing excellent audio equipment is Marshall Amplifier's forte since its founding in 1962. The company, founded by Jim Marshall produced quality amplifiers perfect for different kinds of musical instruments and for various multi room audio use. For years, musical artists are clamoring for good sound systems for concerts and other performances which require such systems. Jim Marshall gave the musical world a good amplifier system perfect for such requirements.

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Jim Marshall started his career as a drummer and a drum instructor. He had a successful teaching career and amassed an adequate amount of capital to start off his own drum accessories store. As the story goes, there were three guitar players that frequented his shop advising him to sell guitar amplifiers. This led him to expand his small shop from just selling drum sets to producing one of the most famous brand names in Amplifiers worldwide.

The first Marshall amplifiers were simple variations taken from American made guitar amplifiers. He had help from acquaintances such as Ken Bran and Dudley Craven to put up a manufacturing company that produces amplifiers with the "Marshall Sound." Their first amplifier was the Mark II which was changed to JTM45. This was the start of the Marshall Amplification Company which today provides one of the most sought after sound system equipment worldwide.

Marshall Amplifiers are one of the favorite equipment for guitar players everywhere and because of the work of Jim Marshall, rock and roll music changed drastically. His contribution to the musical world of providing affordable, yet audibly stunning performance is indelible. Due to the Marshall amps, Rock and Roll gained its popularity among the youth and its notoriously loud performance. Also, the iconic "Marshall stack" which is a series of amplifiers stack one on top of another was born and it became the defining feature of every rock concert then on.

Almost all guitar players have used the Marshall amplifier at one point in their lives. Various rock and roll bands have used the Marshall amps for their concerts, in multi audio room recordings and for personal use. It is definitely one of the unique brand names in history that create a huge impact and was instrumental in steering the Rock and Roll genre into worldwide popularity. Because of Jim Marshall's contribution to Rock and Roll, he is often called the "Father of Loud." He has become an icon in the musical world and is one of the cornerstones of Rock and Roll.

Today, the Marshall Amplifier brand has continually improved its mastery of producing impressive sound systems. In 2012, the company began producing amplifiers that have the quality and look of their previous successful amplifier called the Marshall Valve amp. Furthermore, the company is gearing towards producing more ultra-modern amplifiers that will fit in seamlessly with the current digital improvements in the design of electrical musical instruments.

In the end, Marshall Amplification and Jim Marshall will forever be in the annals of musical history. His contribution to the music world was so profound that his name is eternally linked to Rock and Roll and Sound systems.