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                                                                                          180-II deboner


                                                                                          Welded by 304 stainless steel plate, cold machining after aging treatment, designed according to food machinery with good stability, no internal corner, easy to clean and disinfect.

                                                                                          Waterproof button

                                                                                          dual waterproof by metal protection cover and food grade rubber.

                                                                                          Bone residue regulating mechanism

                                                                                          applying principles of forward and reverse by ratchet wheel, easy to operate, highly sensitive., safe and durable.

                                                                                          Connecting clamp

                                                                                          Multiple hinge, processed by CNC after forging, easy to operate, stable connection, rapid chucking.

                                                                                          Separating cartridge

                                                                                          Processed by exported material, Tapered Cylinder,, Gap mesh, keep fiber of meat, high production rate,

                                                                                          Separation area holder

                                                                                          solid forging, hollow out, high strength and toughness.

                                                                                          Overflow promote cavity

                                                                                          Alloy after forging, heat-treatment, hard wearing  and  steady.

                                                                                          security and safety tread

                                                                                          preventing harm from skip car, keep the operator safe.

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